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Spring has sprung and if you're like almost everyone right now, you're wheezing, sneezing and coughing your way right through... sad

People are suffering from allergies and asthma because of many factors, which of course include all the pollens in the air, but also as a result of our allergic reactions to certain foods, chemicals and natural substances in our environment that we ingest, inhale or physically come in contact with. Pollens from trees and flowers, animal hairs and insects, dust, grasses and fertilizers, will all commonly produce upper respiratory symptoms in many people. Those itchy eyes, runny nose and sinus problems can really make it challenging to enjoy the beautful spring weather that many of us are having right now. Depending on a variety of factors, some people are more sensitive than others.

What is an allergy anyway? Why do we get these symptoms? Well, the body's immune system is designed to correctly identify what it needs and what is foreign to it--and when it encounters foreign substances, like pollen, it reacts by making antibodies or releasing certain chemicals, such as histamines. It's a normal response for our bodies to protect us from foreign "invaders" but the problems happen when we have an inappropriate response. Then those antibodies attacking can create an anflammatory reaction that create the symptoms that drive us crazy. 

Toxicity in our environment is another probable cause for the increasing numbers of allergic people. Exposure to pesticides, pollutants in the air, and other chemicals that are not easy to discover or avoid can add to our allergic responses. Living as natural a life as possible, eating organic foods whenver possible, avoiding air fresheners and chemicals in your home and choosing to use natural products instead, can help to alleviate some allergies.

What Else Can You Do To Naturally Treat Your Allergy Symptoms??

There are some natural approaches to helping with allergies which include: Vitamin C with bioflavanoids; Quercetin (which is a flavanoid) and acts like an antihistamine; B vitamins; and vitamin E. Freeze dried stinging nettle has also been shown to help relieve congestion and reduce inflammation. Staying well hydrated by drinking water from a good source (not unfliltered tap water) is also important since water is vital for optimal health and generally speaking, you should be drinking approx. 64 oz a day. Neti pots are also effective for stuffed up sinuses - you can find them at any health food store.Another way to help open up your sinuses is to create your own steamer. Using a pot on the stove, fill it with water and heat the water to boiling and add a few drops of the essential oil of eucalyptus. (You can find the oil at any health food store). Inhale the steam, just don't apply the oil to your skin or drink it.

Of course some allergies requrie the attention of a doctor or health care professional, so please seek help if you need it. 

Remember, good nutrition, getting enough sleep, exercise and spending time with friends and family will also help keep you mentally and physically balanced. When you are feeling balanced emotionally, it will help you feel better physically!

That's it for now - until next time,

Take care of yourself... "For the health of it!" wink


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