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It's Monday, the beginning of the work week for many people and for others, facing a week full of work that has nothing to do with an office.  Whatever your life looks like, sometimes just facing the day can seem overwhelming.  Did you get enough sleep last night?  Is your refrigerator empty?  Are you running on empty and the week hasn't even started yet??  

As a Health and Wellness Coach, one of the most common challenges I see my clients face is balance.  Finding ways to deal with everything that life throws at us and still keep living a quality life, can sometimes feel impossible.  But it's NOT!  Learning how to deal with the stress and finding ways that work for you and your lifestyle will make a huge difference.  

Whatever is stressing you, whether it be the economy, your work, your relationship or just the everyday challenges you are facing, you have the ability to thrive. You really do! Remember this - "If you keep doing what you're doing, you'll keep getting what you're getting."  In other words, take a moment to step back and stop what you are doing. If you feel stressed or overwhelmed, put down your phone, step away from the computer, walk outside or leave your cubicle for a minute. The time to take a deep breath is when you don't have time for it. One of the things I notice most when I work with people is that they don't BREATHE! When we are stressed, we tend to take shallow breaths. Next time, when you find yourself feeling overwhelmed or exhausted, take even just 60 seconds to breathe.  Try a visualization technique like breathing in a beautiful color you like and breathing out the stress that is grey or black or whatever color you want to give it.  Or if that idea doesn't work for you, just try breathing in slowly and then blowing out your breath to the count of 5. Find a way to breathe that works for you. I promise, if you do only this exercise, it will make a difference in your day!

Stay in the moment.  Live now - Live well!

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