Emotional Clutter Holding You Back??







Do you ever feel like it's impossible to quiet your mind?? Do you find yourself going over and over doubts, worries, fears and can't seem to shut out the noise in your head?? Or maybe old thoughts or beliefs are stuck in your mind, gathering dust and keeping you from moving forward??

Most of us usually have some drawers or cupboards in the house or garage that we know we need to clean out, but we don't even know where to begin and so we avoid opening them because we don't want to have to deal with it. Well, let's open those "emotional drawers and cupboards" and talk about the clutter that might be keeping you stuck or anxious ...

Life is not a straight line. It is full of twists and turns. Sometimes it zigs and sometimes it zags and sometimes it doesn't seem to move at all... That's ok. That's life. Whatever is going on with you right now is not permanent. It might feel that way, but as the saying goes, "the only thing constant is change." 

How you deal with emotional clutter is the key to having a healthier, happier life. Feeling your feelings can be overwhelming. Sometimes it seems much easier to avoid dealing with those feelings, but the only way out of that emotional clutter stream, is to wade right through it. Feeling vulnerable is not fun, that's for sure. Dealing with your feelings and allowing yourself to be vulnerable, means you are opening yourself up to your life. It's messy sometimes, but once you clear out those messy places, deal with whatever you need to face and not let the negative committee chattering in your mind take over, peace of mind is waiting on the other side. You can overcome your emotional obstacles. 

Start by asking yourself, what brings you peace of mind? Nature? Exercise? Your friends, family, pets? Whatever that is, do more of that... Mindful but not "mind-full" is a good place to start. Notice what brings you happiness or at least stops the internal chatter. Overcoming your own obstacles is not easy, but self awarness is the key that can help to unlock that door. Take time to breathe. Really. Give yourself time each day to simply breathe and be still and start there. Quiet your body and let your mind follow. Perhaps find a mantra to say over and over for 5 minutes while you are still. Something like "I am enough" or "I am where I need to be" or "I am at peace." Whatever works for you, but say it over and over... 

I have found that in my own life, that scheduling time each day, even if it is just 10 minutes, is vital to maintaining emotional balance. It's not always easy... I schedule it in as if it were an appointment and if I know that I can give myself more than 10 minutes, then I schedule that in. Sometimes yoga, sometimes just stretching and doing deep breathing. I know that I have to give myself me time no matter what. 

I urge you to do the same... Take time for yourself and start to clear the emotional clutter. You can do this!

That's it for now - Until next time,

Here's to the road that lies ahead, here's to you!



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