A Few Tips To Avoid Over Indulging This Holiday Season










It's that time of year... Holiday parties, friends and family are coming together and usually the common theme is LOTS OF FOOD! So, how can you celebrate and enjoy some delicious treats without over indulging and putting on those December pounds?? Well, here a few tips to help you navigate the tables..

First of all, if at all possible, don't go to a party hungry! It's kind of like what happens when you go the grocery store hungry and end up with things in your cart that you would not normally buy. Eat a light meal before you arrive and try to combine some protein and complex carbohydrates. If you're not gluten sensitive, have a slice of whole grain sprouted bread like Ezekiel with a little almond butter or avacado. Or, grab a handful of raw pumpkin seeds and walnuts or almonds with a cup of nonfat organic yogurt. Bottom line, have something in your stomach that is healthy and nutrient dense so that you don't feel starving when you arrive!

Here's another tip... Don't tempt yourself by standing next to the dessert trays! It's way too easy to reach for a cookie or a piece of candy when you're standing right next to the table where they are all displayed. Move away from that area and socialize by the fireplace or in the middle of the room. It's almost impossible to resist those holiday desserts when they are within reach and you are planted next to them at the table. That being said, it's perfectly fine to try the desserts, especially when you can do it in moderation. The idea here is to be able to enjoy the delicious treats that usually only come around once a year, but to do so without eating too much. Especially if you know you that have more parties to go to and this will not be a one time indulgence. Pace yourself!

If you are at a holiday dinner buffet party, try this tip. Fill most of your plate with veggies and protein and leave the smallest space for desserts. Don't take that extra dessert plate, just use one plate for everything. This can help you control portions and you won't be able to fill up your plate with all the sweets...

Finally, if you drink alcohol, do so in moderation. We all know that once you've had a few drinks, it's much easier to lose your self discipline. And depending on what you are drinking, some of those cocktails are very high in calories as well. And when you're at a party and the bar is open, it's very easy to over indulge. And needless to say, if you think you might have had a bit too much to drink, please tell a friend to take your keys or call a cab. Be safe!

There is no doubt that most of our holiday traditions revolve around food. You don't need to feel deprived. It's important for you to have fun and enjoy yourself.

The idea is to find your balance... 

I wish you all the happiest, healthiest of holidays and hope that you are able to be with those you love! 

Until next time,

"Live Now-Live Well!"


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