Mindful or Mind Full???






Well, Which Are You??? Is your mind going a mile a minute? Are you feeling scattered or overwhelmed? Is the committee speaking inside your head creating a constant chatter that you can't seem to shut out??? Or, are you able to calm the chaos and realize that you can only tackle one thing at a time? Are you taking time to breathe? Are you being mindful of what you need to stay balanced and healthy?

If you're like most people, you have days (or weeks) where your mind is constantly going from one thing to the next as you scramble to do everything that you need to do. Life gets hectic. Work gets stressful. But how you deal with everything that's going on is the key here. And if you are mindful of what your triggers are and how you can effectively move past them and take care of yourself, you win!

When you find yourself in the mind full place, here are some things you can do to help yourself get back to a calmer, more balanced mindful place. 

Just Because You Think It, Doesn't Make It So. Sometimes what is stressing you out is all in your head. It is something you perceive, but may never actually heppen. Check in with yourself and see if this is the case.

Be Compassionate With Yourself. When you have a lot going on and you feel overwhelmed, check in with yourself. Ask yourself how you can best take care of yourself in this moment or during this challenge. Maybe you can get a massage? Maybe you can take a walk or call a friend?

Ground Yourself And Breathe. Studies have shown the benefits of actually grounding yourself to the ground. Taking off your shoes and socks and letting your bare feet stand in the grass or the ground have proven health benefits which including re-energizing yourself and reducing stress. You don't get the same effects when you have your shoes on or when you stand on cement or tile. You need the earth. AND, you need to remember to breathe. When you are stressed, you are taking shallow breaths. Being mindful of your breathing will really help to slow you down, give your body the oxygen it needs and help you regain your emotional balance. So, take some deep breaths and think happy thoughts, or imagine breathing in a color that you like and imagine that color infusing your body with peaceful, healing energy. Then blow out the stress and negativity and give that exhaled breath a different color that removes the clutter and chaos in your head.

The bottom line here (and always) is staying connected to yourself. The more you check in with yourself and treat yourself with the same level of compassion and care that you treat someone you care about, the healthier, happier and more mindful you will be!

That's it for now - until next time,


Be Good To Yourself - "For The Health Of It!" wink



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