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Tracy BensonTracy Benson  

My name is Tracy Benson and I am an integrative Health & Wellness Coach. Worksite Wellness is my primary focus. My mission is to educate, support and empower everyone I work with. 

My programs are powerful in their simplicity, designed to enable my clients to live a healthy, balanced life through lasting lifestyle changes.

 Here's what I offer:

Customized Worksite Wellness Programs

Some of the most requested topics include:

Work/Life BalanceNutrition; Prevention; Stress Management; Sleep Support; Weight Management; Exercise and Mindfulness Techniques

My one hour "Lunch & Learns" are my most popular program. The topics are designed to enhance the health, well-being and morale of each individual. My goal is to make that hour fun, but also very effective. Please see my "Services" page for more info about my programs.                                           

I take an integrative approach to wellness and focus on ALL aspects of health. The key to a healthy and balanced life means looking at everything!


Individual Client Options :

  • Private Consulations 
  • "Tracy Talks" For Small Groups In The Home

My "Tracy Talks" are designed for clients to get the health information they need in the comfort of their own home. Much like a book club, but instead of discussing literature, you and your friends will be learning about ways to improve your health. You choose the topic!

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