Cigna hires qualified people to conduct onsite health promotion for their clients.  Tracy Benson was our educator for the San Diego region and has always received excellent reviews.  I highly recommend her!

Rob Repka, BS, ACSM
Cigna Senior Health Educator/Client Account Manager
Onsite Health Promotion

In our work with Tracy, we have found her to be thorough and an effective communicator; when looking for support for our clients in San Diego, we have enjoyed working with her.

Health Designs
Sarah Guin, BSH, CHES
Project Manager

Thank you for the great presentation on “The Healthy Way to Lose Weight & Keep It Off”.  All the attendees truly enjoyed your presentation, it was educational, informative, and you kept the audience engaged.

Health Designs
Aide Servin
Administrative Coordinator

Knowledgeable, passionate and very approachable - Tracy Benson is one of the best Health Educators I have seen. Tracy has the ability to speak about sensitive topics in a non-threatening way. Her presentations are always informative and eye opening. The feedback from my clients has always been great which is why I would highly recommend her for health education workshops at the worksite.

Brenda Sillas, MBA, CHES, CWPM, Senior Health Outcomes Consulting Specialist
Willis Insurance Services of California, Inc.

In 2013, the University of San Diego implemented a new wellness program, Being Well @ USD. We were very fortunate to have Tracy Benson as our onsite health educator through Cigna. All of our employees look forward to her classes because of how knowledgeable she is. She is so popular with our employees that we have her on campus at least once a month now. She is an integral part of our wellness program. It is a true pleasure working with Tracy and we look forward to our continued partnership in helping the USD community live a healthy and balance lifestyle.


Adriana Garcia
Human Resources Generalist
University of San Diego

"As part of our newly adopted Wellness Program, we now sponsor monthly Lunch and Learns. We are very fortunate to have Tracy Benson as our onsite health educator. Our employees love her fun and casual style of teaching! She has a knack for keeping the participants engaged and focused. Tracy is energetic and knowledgeable. She is truly an integral part of our wellness program. It is a true pleasure working with Tracy and we look forward to our continued partnership with her through-out 2019!"


Nancy E. Gannon
Director of Human Resources and Employee Benefits

“Tracy provides invaluable insight and understanding to the troubles our employees face with the day to day efforts of living healthfully.  Since introducing her services into our wellness program lineup, we have seen higher levels of employee engagement and participation in wellness activities.  Tracy makes folks feel comfortable about proper nutrition and exercise and supplies the necessary advice and support that inspires our staff to attain their health goals.  Anyone who meets her can tell that she has a genuine expertise and is abreast of current and cutting edge information in the field.  No towing the corporate old guard line with Tracy; she is the real deal.”


Kelsey A. Woods
Dart NeuroScience

“Tracy presented a very informative overview on nutrition for our employees. She drove home her points with dramatic props and examples that were well received by all. The information she presented has definitely made me challenge some of the “facts” I thought I knew.”


Chris Wilson
Synthetic Genomics, Inc

Hey Tracy! I was in the lunch seminar you did last week and thought it was FANTASTIC! I consider myself a pretty healthy and knowledgeable person but I learned a lot!

Cheryl Freedman
Event & Brand Specialist
Imaging Healthcare Specialists

"Tracy Benson is not boring to listen to, easy to talk to and knowledgeable of the human body! She visits our office to discuss a variety of health topics once a quarter. Her advice makes the idea of incorporating diet and exercise into your life accomplishable despite your current health condition or work schedule." Thank you for another great presentation!

Casey Akers
Administrative Assistant at Tangoe, Inc.

Tracy Benson brought a path of clarity to the part I could play with my own recovery from cancer. She asked questions, listened, researched, and then provided a manageable plan that worked best with my individual needs. She motivated me by targeting what I needed to regain balance, encouraged my step-by-step success, and helped me feel inspired to achieve a new level of nutritional control.

J. Leeba
Laguna Niguel, CA

Tracy, I can't believe how your help has alleviated both of my thumbs basil joint pain. I was resigned to facing joint replacement surgery. Your suggestions did for me in a few minutes, what 15 years of "move free" pills couldn't. I sound like an info-mercial, but it's true. Thanks!

Rich Heinz
San Diego, CA

Tracy has worked wonders with me - by helping with meal planning, nutrition and healthy recipes. She has gone shopping with me, which really opened my eyes to great and healthy choices which are easy to adopt. She's very realistic and practical - she even helped me find the healthiest prepared foods for those times when that's all I can do. She has taught me ways to prepare healthy meals quickly - some of which I can freeze and save to make things even easier. I have learned a lot and recommend her as a wellness coach.

Liz From
San Diego, CA

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