Autoimmune Challenges - Are You Stuck in Analysis Paralysis??

 Are you dealing with an autoimmune issue? If so, you are NOT alone! There are so many challenges to face when you get the diagnosis and realize that you will need to make lifestyle and dietary changes. When you are dealing with an autoimmune issue, it's not "black and white" when it comes to navigating the right path to support your health. And of course, one size does not fit all... It can feel daunting and overwhelming when you first get the diagnosis and learn that you have to make certain choices to support your healing. I know. I am dealing with my own autoimmune issue - Hashimoto's. 

As a Wellness Coach, how ironic that I have a chronic illness! How can I be a "sick" Wellness Coach?! I had to come to terms with that and turn my own thinking around. I decided it is important to share my journey and what I have learned so far.

First of all, go easy on yourself! One of my first thoughts was "How can this be happening? What did I do wrong?" I eat healthy food, I exercise, I've always been healthy and of course, I embrace all aspects of what I teach! I walk my talk! BUT, I'm human... So please, be gentle with yourself. 

Find the right support. It is important to have a doctor that you trust and one who listens to you. You might also want to work with a dietician as you navigate the dietary changes you will need to make. (Of course, you can also follow my Instagram @tracybensonwellness and see the foods I post which are gluten free, vegan and easy to make). :-) There are also autoimmune support groups out there. Those groups are great to join for extra info and support from others who "get it."

Stop over-thinking. What you think will have a direct impact on what you feel. It is definitely important to be self-aware and mindful. But when you have an autoimmune disease, the choices you make will definitely affect how you feel both mentally and physically. The "analysis paralysis" happens when you start to obsess and over analyize every choice you make and how you think it might have affected your health. For example: "I feel bloated and exhausted and it must be because I ate some pumpkin seeds, or was it because I went to bed too late, or was it because I went to the gym and pushed myself too hard, or????? You can really get in a tailspin worried about what you did wrong when what you need to do is relax and realize that this is a journey. You do the best you can. If you had a bad day, tomorrow will be better. It's important to be aware and it's important to know what you need to do for your particular illness- what to avoid, what to bring in. But the rest is about balance. Overanalyzing everything will only stress you out. Stress is NOT what will help you heal, but self-compassion will... 

I will continue to share what I learn as I take on my own autoimmune challenges. In the meantime, please feel free to reach out and share and above all, know that you are not alone!

Until next time - Here's to the road that lies ahead. Here's to you!





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