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Do you ever feel like it's a bit ironic that we are more connected than ever, but not really talking to each other anymore? 

Do you ever notice that most people seem to prefer to text rather than talk? Am I the only one that finds that a bit frustrating?  Granted, it can be fun and easy and sometimes necessary to be able to communicate quickly. And sometimes, you just don't really have the energy to talk, so a text can serve a purpose. 

Technology is amazing and constantly upgrading and evolving. It seems that anything is possible now or will be soon. But have we, as human beings, changed that much??  Aren't we still the same basic humans that want and need to really connect?  Isn't a voice (with inflection and emotion) more meaningful than a text with abbreviated code words and no inflection? I want to actually hear a friend's laugh -- LOL doesn't quite cut it for me...

Have you ever noticed (I have) when you look around a cafe or a bar that many people are on their phones and not even caught up in real conversation with the person or people that they are supposedly out socializing with??   Are we getting so used to the texting that we are forgetting how to interract with people? Are we losing the ability to communicate in a real conversation? 

Of course, the most successful communicators will have the ability to do both, talk or text. But studies are starting to show that more of us are losing our ability to have (or feel comfortable with) traditional conversation. Is the telephone call a dying institution? Will we laugh at people in the future who actually talk on the phone as we now laugh at the thought of days before cell phones?

I don't mean to bash texting. I do it myself. I am just saying that I hope we don't lose our balance. I hope that we still find time to call a friend and laugh, share the craziness of our day and reach out with our "human" voices...

That's it for now... 

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"Live Now - Live Well!"


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