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"Detox" is a buzz word for sure, and now that the holidays are upon us, I am often asked what is a "good detox diet" to go on for the new year... Of course this question always comes up because this is the time of year when most people typically over indulge in all the holiday foods that they might not normally be eating. People often figure they will go a little crazy with over-eating and then make it up with a dextox diet in January. Sound familiar??

Here's what I think...  BALANCE is the key. It's actually always the key to optimal health & well-being. If you know you have some holiday parties coming up and/or if you know that you will be dealing with lots of big meals and desserts, then I have some advice about the healthiest way to navigate all of that. One of the best ways to help yourself to not over indulge, is to eat before you eat! Have a small meal or snack with some protein before you go out and also have a nice big glass of water. In fact, continue to drink that water throughout the day. This will really help to keep you from going crazy and grabbing everything in site when you are presented with a lot of holiday food choices. Please don't decide to starve yourself all day so that you can afford to eat as much as you want thinking that you saved the calories! In effect, what you have done is slowed down your metabolism because your body thinks it must be starving since it did not get any food. Your blood sugar levels will plummet and you will be much more inclined to over-eat. You definitely don't end up saving calories but usually always end up eating more!

Another tip - if you are at a buffet, take a small salad plate instead of the dinner plate. This will help you to have smaller portions. And what about those holiday drinks?? It is much easier to look past the calories and sugar in beverages because they don't "fill you up" and also because you might think that those calories "don't count." But they do!  A tall eggnog latte from Starbucks with skim milk has 370 calories, 17 grams of fat and 39 grams of sugar and that's a drink without alcohol! So, be mindful of what you are choosing to drink.

Fill up on raw veggies instead of bread, chips and crackers. Usually there is a veggie tray. The fiber in the vegetables will help to fill you up and not fill you out! 

Bottom line here is that you don't have to figure that the holdays are about gaining weight and then hitting the gym and starving yourself in January! You can still enjoy eating if you pay attention to portions and over indulgence. Choose your calories wisely and enjoy yourself! Avoid the CRAP and eat more FOOD :-) and you will be just fine! 

I wish you all the safest, healthiest and happiest of holidays. 

Here's to the road that lies ahead - Here's to you!




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