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I can remember a time when there were no BB or CC creams, or spot removers (except for actual spots on fabric), or age reversal creams and creams that take away puffiness and dark circles under your eyes... The list goes on. But the message is clear - we MUST reverse the signs of aging!

I can remember a time (way back in the dark ages) :-) when at least it seemed like there were only a few choice products to choose from. A time when you didn't get overwhelmed trying to navigate through the endless body and face care products. It seemed like there were only a handful of products like Ponds Cold Cream, Dove Soap, Noxema, and Dial Soap- (which is what we thought you used if you were really dirty and had bacteria) :-) 

So why has aging become such a dirty word?? Are we really supposed to strive to look like those perfectly perfect models telling us that if we use their lotions and creams, we too can have flawless faces?? Are we supposed to feel embarrassed or ashamed if a wrinkle or a spot appears on our face? Is it becoming normal to see faces that don't even move when they make an expression??

Do you think men are made to feel the same anxiety if a wrinkle or a crease appears on their face? I don't think so. Maybe they don't exactly welcome the signs of aging, but it seems that if a man gets a bit "craggy," he is still considered rugged or even sexy. Craggy, however, is totally unacceptable for us women...

Women are definitely challenged to accept the signs of aging. And not only do we have to deal with external signs, but also the internal hormonal changes as well. Keeping a sense of humor about all of this is essential. Especially when you start to notice that your eyebrows are thinning and they seem to have migrated to your chin. Or that your butt has flattened, but your belly has become much rounder. You simply have to laugh and move on.

What's the bottom line?? Well, all of us are aging and all of us will have to navigate the changes in our own way. And of course there is nothing wrong with wanting to make some improvements. But what I encourage you to focus on is who you really are on the INSIDE. Don't lose touch with that! Don't allow yourself to become focused on the image of who you are. Stay connected to your soul and see the value in that. Your true self.

Of course, appearance is important and self care is vital. Just remember to stay in balance. And the next time you catch yourself staring at an air-brushed face in a magazine telling you how important it is to start defying your age, take a moment and remind yourself that you look just fine!

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"Live Now - Live Well!"



What a terrific Blog! One of your best. I was just reading a magazine yesterday and thinking I could never look like those women. Your article brought me back to earth. I shouldn't HAVE to try to look like those air brushed women. It would help though to get rid of my vanity mirror like in your picture.

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